#WenatcheeComplex #WAFire Viewing Wildland Fire Data in Google Earth

From your computer, you can easily get a clear picture of the area in which the Wenatchee Complex is burning.

Inciweb has an interactive map from Google Earth on the Wenatchee Complex page http://www.inciweb.org/incident/3258/. This map is viewable without having to download Google Earth to your computer. Once you’re on the information page you can scroll and follow the fire perimeter on the map and zoom in and out of various locations by using the arrows in the upper left corner of the map. In addition, you can select a hybrid or terrain view by using the buttons in the upper right corner of the map.

You can also download Google Earth onto your personal computer to view additional wildland fire data. This will allow you to see the fire from various ground level perspectives and it will help you understand distances and areas involved from a 3-D perspective. Fire information such as location, movement, heat and size is layered onto very detailed maps for you to use. Landmarks and other notable features in the community are also displayed to allow for easy reference points in and around the fire. Use the links below to access data; have Google Earth open on your computer before opening these layers. To download Google Earth visit http://google.com/earth.

Links for wildland fire data in Google Earth: http://activefiremaps.fs.fed.us/googleearth.php




If you don’t have Google Earth, you can also use the following sites to zoom into your area:

GeoMac Wildfire Viewer*

Interactive Topo Map of Current Fires*

*Note: If GEOMac data is temporarily unavailable it is either overloaded or under maintenance. Please try later.


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Virtual Operations Support for #WenatcheeComplex #WAFire Information Operations
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