Sunday September 30, 2012 Morning Update

Sunday, September 30, 2012



Location:   North, west and southwest of Wenatchee, Wash.

Total acres: 54,875

Containment:  45 percent

Start Date: 09/09/2012

Cause: Lightning

Resources:   14 Crews    32 Engines   7 Helicopters       3 Dozers     887 Personnel


Today’s Summary:


The relative humidity will be lower today with increased fire activity which will begin earlier in the day.  Fire managers have planned for this event and will take the necessary actions.


The air quality was much better yesterday allowing helicopters to be used for bucket drops and reconnaissance.   These activities are also planned for today.  


Ridgetop winds are anticipated to be between 15-25 mph, with gusts up to 40 mph. With large fuels already exceptionally dry, winds will speed the drying of fine fuels, increasing the risk of fire spread.


A new fire (Mule fire approximately 0.1 acre) was detected yesterday, northeast of the White Fire.   It is backing and creeping in the lower 1/3 of the slope in duff under mixed conifers.  


An infra-red flight last night reported a decrease of 210 acres, due to more accurate mapping, bringing the total acreage for the complex to 54,875.


Highway 97 is open at this time, but conditions may change.  Please visit the Washington Department of Transportation for the latest information on U.S. 97.


As each fire in the complex reaches containment, local resource advisors are focusing more efforts on rehabilitating the fire area.  Fire fighters are implementing these measures. 

Residents and visitors can expect to see more smoke from fires in the complex until the area receives significant rain or snow as interior islands of fuel continue to burn.


Misc. fires are: Sears Creek (516 ac), Maverick (21 ac), White Pine (58 ac), Cuitin Lake (216 ac), Upper White (0.2 ac), John (2 ac), and Mule (0.1 ac).



Canyon                     7,559 acres   96%                   Rehabilitation completed. Will be patrolled today.

Byrd                           14,163 acres                             95%              Rehabilitation continues.

Poison Canyon      5,911 acres   80%                   Mop up continues. Backhauled surplus supplies and equipment by helicopter.

Peavine Canyon   19,093 acres                             45%              The fire continues to produce smoke from from interior islands of unburned fuel.   Helicopters were able to utilize water drops in several of the divisions.

First Creek              1,361 acres   90%                   Rehabilitation continues.

Pyramid                   1,427 acres   0%                      Under aerial monitoring.

Klone                        1,385 acres   15%                   Chipping of brush will continue along Shady Pass and Tommy Creek Roads for approximately a week. Pockets of unburned fuel continue to burn up to the dozer containment line.

Cashmere Mountain                    2,161 acres     20%              Crews continue to patrol, mop up and hold the fire along 7601 road.

Basalt                        981 acres       0%                      Under aerial monitoring.





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