#WenatcheeComplex #WAFire Morning Update, September 27, 2012

Location:   North, west and southwest and of Wenatchee, Wash.

Total acres: 53,144

Containment:  30 percent

Start Date: 09/09/2012

Cause: Lightning

Resources:   22 Crews    40 Engines              11 Helicopters            5 Dozers       1,075 Personnel

Today’s Summary

Burnout operations on the west flank of the Table Mountain and Peavine Fires will continue along U.S. Highway 97. The burnout is being carried out slowly and carefully in an effort to minimize resource damage. A Washington Department of Transportation pilot car will continue escorting traffic through the affected area near Blewett Pass. Smoke from the burnout has limited visibility.  Some spotting did occur yesterday across U.S. Highway 97, but firefighters assisted by helicopters were able to keep the fires from spreading. The public is asked to avoid using the highway as the burnout operation continues today.

Helicopters detected a new start yesterday: the Upper White Pine Fire, north of the White Pine andCuitin Lake Fires. Bucket drops kept the fire at .20 acres.

Weather today will remain unchanged, with the inversion continuing to hold smoke in the valleys.  Better visibility at higher elevations should allow helicopters to monitor fires in those locations and to provide water drops.

Fire behavior observed yesterday included spotting and single-tree torching at higher elevations, and backing fires with some upslope runs. 

A “Clean-Air Shelter” has been opened by the Chelan-Douglas Health District at the Douglas County Fairgrounds in Waterville.  People at high risk for complications from heavy smoke exposure who cannot leave the area can call 509-886-6476 for more information about the shelter and free transportation.

Fire Name          Acres            Percent Contained       Summary

Canyon               7,557            95                                   Rehabilitation continues


Byrd                    14,160          90                                   Rehabilitation continues


Poison Canyon    5,909            70                                   Mop up continues, hot spots in the interior


Peavine Canyon 18,880          40                                   The fire has merged with the Table Mountain Fire.  Firefighters used helicopters to continue burnout operations on the west flank 0f U.S. Highway 97.


First Creek          1,360            90                                   Patrolled, rehabilitation to begin soon


Pyramid              1,068            0                                     Under aerial monitoring.


Klone                  1,335            0                                     Aerial resources dropping water to keep the fire in check, chipping of brush along Shady Pass and Tommy Creek roads


Mountain           1,451            5                                     Crews continue to hold the fire at the 8 mile road with support from aerial resources.  No danger to structures.


Basalt                    793            0                                     Under aerial monitoring


Sears Creek           368            40                                   Constructing dozer line on the north flank and hand line on the south flank.





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