#WenatcheeComplex #WAFire Fire Update – September 23, 2012, 9:00PM ^NH

Fire Update – September 23, 2012, 9:00 p.m. PT

At 6:00 PM tonight the Chelan County Sheriff’s Office reduced the
evacuation levels for the following areas:
Level 1: Mission Creek Road, Tripp Canyon, and Sand Creek Road.
Level 2: Squilchuck and Mission Ridge Roads from the Wenatchee
Heights Road south, including Halvorson Canyon and Hampton Road,
to the Mission Ridge Ski Area.

The Chelan County Sheriff has restricted access to roads in the
Colockum Ridge area to local traffic only. These roads include the
Stemilt Loop Road from Upper Wheeler Road to just north of and
including Jump-Off Ridge Road and Colockum Road at Tarpiscan Road.
The Washington State Department of Natural Resources closed state
lands accessed by these roads earlier in the week for public safety in the
event of eastern spread of the Table Mountain and Peavine Fires. A
multi-agency law enforcement task force will sweep the closure area
early this week to contact citizens who may have entered the area prior
to the closure.

Quick Facts Incident Summary
Location: North and west of the City of Wenatchee, Washington Fire Complex
Containment: 30%
Start Date: 09/09/2012
Acres: 52,637
Cause: Lightning
Incident Commander: Jeff Pendleton
Resources on the Fire:
Total Personnel: 1,690
Jurisdiction: USFS, WA DNR, BLM, Chelan County Fire Dist. 1, 3,4,6,8

Weather conditions today allowed firefighters to use a helicopter to
burn out in the vicinity of Highway 97. The highway was open all day and
will remain open tonight. Travelers should check with the Washington
State Department of Transportation for highway restrictions.
Firefighters made good progress again today with rehabilitation, mop up, and fire suppression efforts on the fires within the Complex.

The Peavine fire and the north end of the Table Mountain fire remain the highest priority for the Wenatchee Complex. Managers from both Complexes have developed a plan to check the spread of the Table Mountain fire along the eastern flank and are using a burn out operation along Highway 97 on the western flank.
– Canyon Fire – 7,559 acres, no growth – 95% Contained
– Byrd Fire – 14,160 acres, no growth – 90% Contained
– Poison Fire – 5,909 acres, decrease of 82 acres – 70% Contained
– Peavine Fire – 18,626 acres, growth of 10,744 acres* – 30% Contained
– First Creek Fire – 1,258 acres, no growth – 90% Contained
– Pyramid Fire – 1,068 acres, increase of 524 acres – 0% Contained
– Klone Fire – 1,323 acres, increase of 252 acres – 0% Contained
– Cashmere Fire – 1,418 acres, increase of 664 acres – 0% Contained
– Basalt Fire – 690 acres, increase of 553 acres – 0% Contained
– Sears Creek Fire – 184 acres, no growth – 0% Contained
– Maverick Fire – 30 acres, no growth – 100% Contained
– Other Fires within the complex – 412 acres, decrease of 2,546 acres* – 20% Contained


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