#WenatcheeComplex #WAFire Evening Update ^NH

Effective 12:00 pm today, the Chelan County Sheriff restricted access to roads in the Colockum Ridge area to local traffic only.  These roads include the Stemilt Loop Road from Upper Wheeler Road to just north of and including Jump-Off Ridge Road and Colockum Road at Tarpiscan Road. The Washington State Department of Natural Resources closed state lands accessed by these roads earlier in the week due to the movement of the Table Mountain Fire.

At 8:00 PM tonight the Chelan County Sheriff’s Office reduced the evacuation levels for Sky Meadows, Brisky Canyon Road including Foltz and Corrigan Road, and the Camas Meadows Area to a Level1 because of the decreased risk from the Poison Fire.

A red flag warning issued for Saturday morning through Sunday morning was dropped Saturday afternoon. No lightning was detected over the Wenatchee Complex.  Some burn out operations planned for today were not possible because of the higher humidity under the smoke. Highway 97 was open all day with some pilot car activity between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. The highway will remain open tonight.

Firefighters made good progress again today, and many of the fires within the Complex saw little to no growth. Crews continued rehabilitation efforts on the Byrd Canyon and Canyon fires and mop up operations on the First Creek, Maverick and Poison fires. Crews will be patrolling the Mission Ridge and Squilchuck areas again tonight.

The Peavine fire and the north end of the Table Mountain fire remain the highest priority for the Wenatchee Complex.  Managers from both Complex’s are developing a plan to check the spread of the Table Mountain fire along the eastern flank and use of a burn out operation along Highway 97 on the western flank.

–       Canyon Fire – 7,539 acres, no growth – 90% Contained

–       Byrd Fire – 14,160 acres, increase of 311 acres – 90% Contained

–       Poison Fire – 5,991 acres, no growth – 60% Contained

–       Peavine  Fire – 7,882 acres, growth of 6 acres – 30% Contained

–       First Creek Fire – 1,258 acres, no growth – 80% Contained

–       Pyramid  Fire – 544 acres, no growth – 0% Contained

–       Klone Fire – 1,071 acres, no growth – 0% Contained

–       Cashmere Fire – 754 acres, no growth – 0% Contained

–       Basalt Fire – 137 acres, no growth – 0% Contained

–       Sears Creek Fire – 184 acres, no growth – 0% Contained

–       Maverick Fire – 30 acres, no growth – 100% Contained

–       Other Fires within the complex – 2,958 acres – 20% Contained

The Incident Management Team would like to express appreciation to the community for your support and help in our efforts to suppress these fires.  It is vital that the community cooperate with evacuations, road closures, and avoiding areas of high traffic for fire suppression. Please slow down and turn your headlights on when traveling through smoky areas.


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