#WenatcheeComplex #WAFire Update 9/21 9:00 PM PT ^MARH

(This information also available at http://www.inciweb.org/incident/article/3258/17688/)

Evacuation Levels for First Creek and Granite Falls have been reduced to a
Level 1.

A public briefing tonight in Leavenworth Fire Hall was well attended. Fire
managers provided information on the Wenatchee Complex fires and
answered questions from the public.

A red flag warning is in effect from 5AM Saturday through 6AM Sunday
due to a forecast for abundant dry lightening and dry fuels.

Quick Facts
Location: North and west of the City of Wenatchee Washington. Fire Containment: 28%. Start Date: 09/09/2012. Acres: 42,161.  Cause: Lightning. Incident Commander: Jeff Pendleton. Resources on the Fire: 55 crews, 151 engines,  13 helicopters, 10 dozers. Total Personnel: 2,096.  Jurisdiction: USFS, WA DNR, BLM

Firefighters made good progress again today, and many of the fires within
the Complex saw little to no growth. Crews continued rehabilitation efforts
on the Byrd Canyon and Canyon fires and mop up operations on the First
Creek, Maverick and Poison fires. On the Peavine Fire, crews successfully
completed snag removal along a three mile section of Highway 97, which is
now open. The fire is within ¼ mile of the highway, so intermittent closures
may occur as the fire encroaches on the roadway. The Table Mountain
Fire has burned close to Mission Ridge today. Crews will be patrolling the
Mission Ridge and Squilchuck areas tonight.

  • Canyon Fire – 7,539 acres, a reduction of 40 acres – 90% Contained
  • Byrd Fire – 13,829 acres, a reduction of 80 Acres – 90% Contained
  • Poison Fire – 5,991 acres, no growth – 45% Contained
  • Peavine Fire – 7,876 acres, growth of 6 acres – 30% Contained
  • First Creek Fire – 1,258 acres, growth of 22 acres – 60% Contained
  • Pyramid Fire – 544 acres, no growth – 0% Contained
  • Klone Fire – 1,071 acres, no growth – 0% Contained
  • Cashmere Fire – 754 acres, no growth -0% Contained
  • Basalt Fire – 137 acres, no growth – 0% Contained
  • Sears Creek Fire – 184 acres, no growth – 0% Contained
  • Maverick Fire – 30 acres, no growth – 0% Contained
  • Other Fires within the complex – 2,948 acres, growth of 408 acres – 20% Contained

Reduction in acreages due to more accurate mapping.

The Incident Management Team would like to express appreciation to the community for your support and help in our efforts to suppress these fires. It is vital that the community cooperate with evacuations, road closures, and avoiding areas of high traffic for fire suppression.



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