#WenatcheeComplex #WAFire 9/18 Evacuation Update ^MARH

(This information also available at http://www.inciweb.org/incident/article/3258/17514/)



Firefighters continue to battle difficult terrain and heavy fuels in Tripp Canyon. To check further westward spread, fire managers plan to conduct a significant burnout operation along an old road system on the ridge above Tripp Canyon. As a precaution, the Chelan County Sheriff’s Office is issuing Level 2 evacuation notices for homes on Sky Meadows Road, Brisky Canyon Road including Foltz Lane and Corrigan Road, and the Camas Meadows area effective 10 am today (9/18/2012).

Level 3 evacuations remain in effect for Mission Creek Road and Tripp Canyon.


State Route 971 (Navarre Coulee Road) is now open to public traffic. Evacuation Levels along SR 971 and Davis Canyon Road have been reduced to a Level 2. The perimeter of the fire has been mopped up and quiet for several days. Officials consider it safe for residents to return to their homes and to allow public traffic on the highway.


Evacuation Levels for First Creek and Granite Falls Road residents remain at a Level 3. Progress is being made on suppression efforts, but sections of particularly difficult terrain still present the potential for additional fire growth. A portable retardant batch plant has been positioned north of the fire to allow helicopters to supplement water drops with retardant.

Evacuation Levels 1, 2, and 3 are akin to a “Ready, Set, Go” level of preparedness with Level 1 asking residents to be ready to evacuate if conditions change, Level 2 meaning residents should be set to go at a moment’s notice, and Level 3 meaning authorities are advising residents to evacuate because their homes are in imminent danger.

Up-to-date information on evacuations can be heard on local media in Wenatchee or by checking www.inciweb.org/incident/3258.

Inquiries regarding fire information and evacuation levels should be directed to the Wenatchee Complex Fire Information Section at 509-662-4438 or 509-662-4694. The phones are staffed daily from 6:00 am until 10:00 pm.

For information on fire activity in Okanogan, Kittitas and Yakima Counties , please contact the Joint Information Center (JIC) at 509-664-9353.


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