#WenatcheeComplex #WAFire 9/15 Morning Update ^MARH

(This information is also available at http://inciweb.org/incident/article/3258/17364/)

Quick Facts
Location: North and west of the City of Wenatchee Washington. Fire Containment: 15%. Start Date: 09/09/2012. Acres: 30,606.  Cause: Lightning. Incident Commander: Jeff Pendleton. Resources on the Fire: 32 crews, 152 engines,  8 helicopters, 12 dozers. Total Personnel: 1,288.  Jurisdiction: USFS, WA DNR, BLM

A series of fires was discovered following a severe lightning storm that
covered much of eastern Washington on Saturday, September 9th. Local
resources from the United States Forest Service (USFS), Washington
State Department of Natural Resources (DNR), Spokane District BLM,
Wenatchee Fire Districts 1 and 7, Chelan Fire Districts 1, 3, 4, 6, 8 and
Chelan County Sheriff’s office immediately began suppression efforts.
These organizations and the firefighters that responded were instrumental
in minimizing losses and keeping folks safe.

The Type 1 National Incident Management Team, headed by Incident
Commander Jeff Pendleton, continues aggressive suppression efforts,
assigning resources as they arrive. Individual fires are constantly being
assessed and evaluated for risk to public and fire fighter safety.
Available resources are being reassigned as priorities change. Fires
which pose the greatest risk to human life, property and natural resources
are being staffed first, along with any new fires to keep them as small as

Smoky conditions are expected in the Wenatchee Valley and surrounding
communities throughout the weekend. While the smoky conditions are
unhealthy for the public and fire fighters, the lack of wind coupled with the
smoky conditions has also prevented fire activity from increasing while
allowing for burnout activities to be conducted. The smoke has also
prevented any air operations from occurring. If the air clears today, the assigned helicopters currently at Pangborn Field will be moved to the Leavenworth area and the Chelan airport.

An aggressive air assault will be launched as allowed by good visibility. A weak cold front is predicted to move through the area again today resulting in southwest to west winds with potential gusts of 6 to 12 mph over ridge tops.

An additional camp will be set up today at the Entiat City Park and resources assigned to the First Creek and Byrd fires will work from there to reduce travel time and increase time on the fire lines.

Canyons Fire, directly west of Wenatchee, continues burning in shrubs and grass and is approximately 7,900 acres. Today firefighters will continue to clear around homes and hold current lines in Number 2 Canyon. Crews which completed fire lines connecting Number 1 and 2 Canyons allowed for a burnout to start about 2:00 pm on Friday continued through the night. Reports from this morning indicate this operation was successful. The fire remained above the Gun Club and to the north. Fire suppression objectives are to protect life and provide structure protection. No structures have been lost on this fire. Evacuation levels will be reassessed this morning and adjusted as necessary. This fire is considered to be 25% contained. Up-to-date information can be heard on local media in Wenatchee or by checking http://www.inciweb.org/incident/3258.

Byrd Canyon Fire, is approximately 13,900 acres, and is located just north of Entiat, Washington. The fire is burning in grass and shrub land. The burnout was completed and fire lines are holding with no movement overnight. Crews today will reinforce fire lines and continue mop up around structures. This fire is considered 45% contained.

The Peavine Canyon Fire, located southwest of Wenatchee in upper Mission Creek/Devils Gulch, is burning in shrub and pine forest and is approximately 4,600 acres. Crews scouted and prepared control lines in the Liberty Beehive area. Firefighters overnight completed a burnout operation along the USFS 9712 Road and in the Beehive Mountain area. There was increased fire activity within the Devils Gulch area within the fire perimeter in the afternoon. Crews will continue with control line construction to keep the fire out of Pitcher Canyon. This fire is considered 5% contained.

The Poison Canyon Fire, located south of Cashmere, is burning in shrub and pine. It is approximately 2,500 acres. Today, crews will work on constructing containment lines on the western and northwest flanks in order to keep the fire out of Brisky, Brender and Tripp Canyons to the north and west of the current fire perimeter. Overnight crews patrolled and provided structure protection. This fire is considered 10% contained.

The First Creek Fire, located 10 miles west of Lake Chelan, is approximately 1,300 acres. It is burning in very difficult and steep terrain. Today, additional resources are assigned to continue line construction started on Slide Ridge and develop a structure protection plan for the area. A Level 3 evacuation remains in place for First Creek and Granite Falls Creek. This fire is considered 5% contained.

The Pyramid and Klone Fires, north of Entiat are approximately 260 and 50 acres, respectfully. These fires are burning in timber that was impacted severely by disease and insects. Friday these fires experienced increased fire behavior and a plan has been developed to begin suppression efforts as resources become available.

Fires within the Yakima Complex in Kittitas County south and west of the Wenatchee Complex continue to actively burn. Both Incident Management Teams are coordinating suppression efforts on these fires.

The Incident Management Team has initial attack responsibility for all wildland fires within Chelan County. Resources will mobilize when there is a new start.

As a reminder, the area is extremely dry and conditions are set for rapid fire growth on existing and new fire starts. All outdoor burning is restricted and campfires are only allowed in designated campgrounds on State and Federal Lands. Hunters and recreationists are asked to be aware of and conform to fire restrictions in place.

The Incident Management Team would like to express appreciation to the community for your support and help in our efforts to fight these fires. It is vital that the community cooperates with evacuations, road closures, and avoiding areas of high traffic for fire suppression.


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