#WenatcheeComplex #WAFire Entiat Ranger District Area Closure ^NH


Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest

215 Melody Lane

Wenatchee, WA 98801

For immediate release: September 13, 2012

Contacts: Elka Missal, Public Information (509) 784-4700

Fire Prompts Area Closure on Entiat Ranger District

Entiat— Wildfires in the Pyramid Mountain and Klone Peak areas have prompted Forest Service officials on the Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest to close an portion of the Entiat Ranger District for public safety reasons. These are two of many lightning caused fires that are part of the Wenatchee Complex.

This closure includes National Forest lands, roads, and trails within the Entiat Ranger District boundaries beyond mile marker 33 on the Entiat River Road, or Forest Service Road 51. (Please see map for more details on area closed). The Pyramid and Klone Peak fires have the potential to cut off access on the Entiat River Road threatening public safety for those recreating in the area.

This area closure includes the access point on the Entiat Ranger District to a high buck season hunt starting September 15th in the Glacier Peak Wilderness area as well as the following campgrounds, trail systems and roads.


Campground closures:

Cottonwood                                      Three Creeks                                     Spruce Grove

North Fork                                                                                      


Forest Service Roads: 5100, 5606, 5900, 112, 125, and 5608

Trail Closures:

Entiat River 1400                               Cool Creek 1431                                                Ice Creek 1405

45 Mile Sheep Drive 1432             Pomas Creek 1453                                           Emerald Park 1230

Pyramid Mtn. 1433                          Duncan Ridge 1434                                          Anthem Creek 1435

Myrtle Lake 1404a                           Larch Lake Hiker 1430a   Larch Lake 1430

Cow Creek Meadows 1404          Garland Peak     1408                                       Shetipo Creek 1429

Three Creeks 1428                           North Fork Entiat River  Pugh Ridge 1438

Pyramid Viewpoint 1441               South Pyramid Creek 1439                           Butte Creek 1440

Fern Lake 1436

Law Enforcement officers and other Forest Service employees will be patrolling the area to inform public about the closure and fires in the area. Silver Falls National Recreation Trail as well as Fox Creek, Lake Creek and Silver Falls Campgrounds will remain open at this time. Be sure to check access restrictions on the Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest before heading out into the woods.

For more information please contact the Entiat Ranger District at 509-784-4700


Elka Missal

Information Assistant

Entiat and Chelan Ranger Districts






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