#WenatcheeComplex #WAFire Canyons Fire Update ^NH


September 11, 2012 —-1700 hours

WENATCHEE, Washington.— The Canyons Fire, burning west of Wenatchee, has merged with the Twin Peaks fire burning further west.  The acreage is estimated at 1,000 acres.  The fires are a result of a lightning storm on the evening of September 8th.

Incident Commander Cecil McKinney said, “There is potential for the fire to move into Number Two Canyon”.  As a precaution, he is ordering Level 3 Evacuation notices for the 33 homes west of the Gun Club on Number Two Canyon and Stiss Canyon Road.

Level Two Evacuation Notices are being issued for homes on Number Two Canyon Road from Castle Heights to the Gun Club.  These notices are also being issued within the Castle Heights subdivision to homes on Castle Heights Drive, Linville Drive, Kings Court, Canyonside and Queens Court.

Other Level 2 evacuations have been ordered for Sleepy Hollow Heights which includes Sleepy Hollow Road from the railroad tracks to Richared Road, Sky View Court, East View Lane, Scenic View Drive and Edgewood Lane.

The fire is also burning to the south and a portion of the fire is slowly backing down into Number Two Canyon approximately one mile to the west of the Gun Club, where a roadblock has been set up.  The 33 homes in this portion of Number Two Canyon and Stiss Canyon Road were given Level Three Evacuation notices earlier today.  These homeowners need to understand the fire backing down to Number Two Canyon has the potential to leave them cut off and they are being urged to evacuate at this time.

Level 1, 2, and 3 Evacuation Status is akin to a “Ready, Set, Go” level of evacuation notices with Level 1 asking residents to be ready to evacuate if conditions change, Level 2 means residents should be set to go at a moment’s notice, Level 3 means authorities are advising residents to evacuate because their homes are in imminent danger.

A Red Cross shelter remains open at the Seventh Day Adventist Church located at 5th Street and Western Avenue in Wenatchee.  No homes have been lost in the fire and there have been no injuries.  Updates will continue as conditions change.

The Canyons Fire information phone number for the public and media is: 509-667-6636.

Information numbers for other fires burning in North Central Washington are 509-664-9374 and 509-664-9353.  Public Information Officers for the Canyons Fire include Susan Peterson with the US Forest Service, John Kruse with the Wenatchee Police Department and Mick Mueller with the US Forest Service, part of a Type 1 Incident Management Team assisting with the fires burning in Chelan County.


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